Onex Realtors & Consultants is a division of Trehun Associates Pvt. Ltd. that deals and manages clients interested in real estate with various backgrounds and income streams local & NRIís.

Onex Realtors & Consultants was established by Mr. V.K. Trehun to meet an overwhelming demand by Indians, NRIís and residents of other nations who wish to purchase property in India for investment purposes or for their own use.

Mr. V.K. Trehun, Managing Director of Onex Realtors & Consultants and Trehun Associates Pvt. Ltd. with over 35 years of experience in Real Estate business has a long back association with Muscat & Dubai. He has worked as a civil engineer for 15 years giving him the experience & knowledge that is now shared by our satisfied clients. He is a member of ACRI (Associates of Certified Realtors of India) and REDCO certified realtor.

Mr. Sunil Trehun, Director of Onex Realtors & Consultants and Trehun Associates Pvt. Ltd. has over 15 years of combined experience in Information Technology (IT), Management, Marketing and Real Estate business also has a long association with countries like USA & Europe. He is a REDCO certified realtor.

Onex Realtors & Consultants offers its clients opportunities for short, medium or long-term capital growth; good yields on buy to let properties or buy to resell buying off plan properties accessing faster profits. We evolve concepts that take account of each customerís budget, timeframe, market environment and the opportunities available.

Our real estate specialists are dedicated to providing custom-tailored solutions and high standards of advice. Our team has systems that have been developed to source both Residential and Commercial property.

Mr. V.K. Trehun
License Number: 144

ACRI Membership Number: 204

Mr. Sunil Trehun

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